Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Week end stuff

So on my days off, I thought I would go in the woods and take the two scarecrows from last year and recycle them into the haunt. But they where wedged too tight on their branches, it wasn't worth it wrestling them down. They are meant to be free.

 Then I went to Spirit to check out their stuff. Only took a couple of pics since so many people post pics. It seems like every year, I buy less and less from them. I'm not into the animatronic stuff and a lot of their props are way overpriced. But I did walk away with a couple of gravestones to build the graveyard collection.
Cool bird feeder

I like this old school paper skelly
 Then went next door to Old Time Pottery. Heres a cool Halloween tree they set up.

this little guy reminds me of the creepy old man ghost in Poltergeist 2
"You all are gonna die!"

My Spirit purchase
 Then after a rain that cooled things down, I started dragging out the graveyard fence to make repairs.

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