Thursday, December 22, 2016

Waiting for Santa

Well the cats haven't knock down the tree like we thought. Last year, totally. Santa is going to be happy! It took a while to get everything set up. Work has been really tough these past few months. And the future is uncertain the next couple of years. I am deciding if I need to go back to school or something and get another degree in a more stable career. In the meantime, I am messing around in the garage building some props to help relax.
This is a dollar store skull I made into a door hanger a while back. I almost threw it away after Halloween  during breaking down and storing everything but I love the screaming open mouth.  I am turning it into a mummified alien . A Roswell or ancient alien kinda artifact. I love the show Ancient Aliens. One of my favorites. What you see is a coating of gorilla glue to get a grizzled texture before adding laytex. 
I am also working on a Harry Potter-ish mummified goblin from a thrift store glitter skull find. Ears are from my old pirate captain skelly mask and a stick nose inspired by pumpkinrot. I am into goblins lately too after seeing some vintage Halloween prints with goblins. I was thinking of doing a goblin theme next Halloween maybe.