Saturday, February 28, 2015

Forest projection chandelier

Fournd on Pintrest.....

Mummified Pumpkin

 Hi, after a long hiatus, I am finally posting about the 2014 Halloween pumpkin I tried to mummify like Pumpkinrot. After drying in the oven, sitting in the sun, I found that the best method was covering it in salt like the Egyptians. The girls did a project once with a chicken this way. Now it is like a dried out empty football. 

Saturday, November 15, 2014

My Costume Inspiration

So I saw this picture on a tumbler Pumpkinrot posted back in September and wanted to make a costume like it. I loved the simplicity and creepiness of it. I tried to find the artist who made it but kept hitting roadblocks. All I got is the title: Vashta Nerada. No biggie, just wanted to give props to whoever made this art. Thanks! It's cool.

I pledge Allegiance....

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Permanent Residence

I gave the Scarecrow a home in the backyard. I felt bad tearing him down. He can age gracefully outside over the year.

And for some reason I can not get pics that were taken in B&W on my phone too download. Weird. I took some pics on Halloween, but didn't realize days later after blogging that the B&W's and tinted one didn't transfer. Hmmmmm....

Storing Away

Been trying to pack everything away still. My attic is kinda small so storing Halloween has always been diffulcult. A neighbor with the same house plan told me about a false roof/wall in our attic that he cut a doorway into and tripled his attic space! So I spent the weekend doing that. No load bearing beams or joist were cut or removed. I put down some plywood flooring and can now store tall props up there.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween 2014 Thoughts

Well, this year's Halloween went better than I thought. We had some really rough times with the family this year. Let's just say it is tough to be a teen nowadays. Now, double that when you have twins! At one point in September I was ready to cancel Halloween if needed. Family priorities always comes first. I would have lit a pumpkin, and sat out with candy if I had to. October is fill with homecoming dances, dress shopping, team and school activities, such as spirit week costume building and fixing, friends' parties, teens with jobs,  birthdays, on top of the usual drama.  And then we rescued two kittens. But everything started to settle down and I was able to resume planning the haunt. Even on the crazy days, my wife would encourage me to get my butt out to the garage and build something. She knew I would get my energy out on a prop and it would do me good to focus on something else for a while. Thanks, Honey. I love you!
We had great weather on Friday night. 57 degrees and clear skies. There was an noticeable small number of ToT's this year and I was suprised. It's Friday! We were wondering if there were parties going on somewhere.  Oh well, we got a good turnout with good neighbors and friends who came by to hang out. Margo, our Canadian friend, brought over a backup supply of candy, beer, and snack bags of chips to pass out. Cause that is a common staple of ToT goodies in the Great White North. Well, it was a hit with the kids this year. Especially with the kid dress as a "The Purge" participator who came by several times. The bloody bat dragging on the ground kinda creeped me out, dude. Good job.

Thank you, fellow haunters out there who have inspired me, raised the bar, and kept me motivated to keep Halloween alive and fun!
Shut the lid, I'm trying to sleep!
I'm tired, Dammit!
P.S. I've already drew up ideas for next year's haunt. I still have stuff to break down. What's wrong with me?