Monday, April 7, 2014

Witch Heart Scarecrow

Been working on this for a few weeks. A wastebasket, irrigation tubing, old prop arms, and lots of leftover house paint used as glue.

Released Scarecrows

Like someone we all know, I "released" a couple of scarecrows in the local woods. I think I did it back in November. They are in a spot where you can see them from the road and I see them every time I drive home. You have to really look at the tree in the middle to see it; just above the palmettos. 

Small Projects

Got one of those drill bits for drilling in glass and added some drain holes in some of my witch jar tikis since they are outside all year round. Also add some more of the model flocking to make them mossy.
 I've had this weird shaped root for a while and decide to attach it to a jar. For when ya want to go creeping around in the night with a witch jar!