Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tree stump building pics

So originally I was going to cover a plastic pot with spray foam and then coat with monstermud. A rubber stamp made from real bark was planned to get the perfect bark texture. But when I got ahold of a lot of real oak bark, I just started attaching it with screws. I only sprayed the front side with foam when the plan changed.

 The inside lip was still visible, I needed a way to hide it with carve foam or something. The hole in the back is for pumping fog.
 A closeup look of a screw. There were lots of gaps where the foam showed thru that I painted black.
 Since I had lots of bark left, I added it to the inside to hide the lip. The bark was attached inside out to hide the bark texture and get that dried out woody pulp look.

 Smaller pieces of pine bark mulch from the front yard was hot glued into small gaps.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Night Shots

 For the lights, all I used was a headlamp with red and green option lights, and the blue was one of those  cheap finger led I used at halloween. I think the ones with blue inside the stump are my favorite.

I am planning to do a more elaborate photo shoot involving a yet to be made prop. This was the first part of it. One of this year's resolutions is to make a couple of summer time prop shoots, things that won't be in the yard haunt.


The first prop for Halloween 2013. I have wanted to make a tree stump growing around a gravestone for some time now. Inspired by Pumpkinrot's  Skull witch's tree stump caldron. Night shots to follow.