Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tree stump building pics

So originally I was going to cover a plastic pot with spray foam and then coat with monstermud. A rubber stamp made from real bark was planned to get the perfect bark texture. But when I got ahold of a lot of real oak bark, I just started attaching it with screws. I only sprayed the front side with foam when the plan changed.

 The inside lip was still visible, I needed a way to hide it with carve foam or something. The hole in the back is for pumping fog.
 A closeup look of a screw. There were lots of gaps where the foam showed thru that I painted black.
 Since I had lots of bark left, I added it to the inside to hide the lip. The bark was attached inside out to hide the bark texture and get that dried out woody pulp look.

 Smaller pieces of pine bark mulch from the front yard was hot glued into small gaps.

Overall, I am pretty pleased. Once I figured out how to attached the bark, it took a couple of days to complete. It'll sit in a corner of the back yard til Halloween!


  1. Looks wonderful, the layered effect works really well. Maybe needs some roots though?

    1. Totally...Thats why I am gonna make another one out of insulation foam. Then I can get some roots and that flared out buttress look. It was hard to get root shapes from the bark pieces. They were brittle and kept breaking.

    2. You Really did a Nice job on this WC!!!
      Awesome Organic look & vibe... :):):)

    3. Thanks! I hope it makes it to Halloween. It is already falling apart in the back yard...