Thursday, September 18, 2014

First Pumpkins

Well, the first pumpkins I found for sell in my area is at Home Depot. They even beat my local supermarket ( Though I have not been to Walmart in a few days by the way) and roadside stands. But what really surprised me was their selection and how everything was displayed. They had corn stalks which I have NEVER seen available down here. Man, are they cool looking. The stalks cost about $7.50, I was told. I made another crying baby face....

They carry ceramic jackos
9 bucks if I recall

and these jacko plant pots...


  1. Holy crap. 7.50 for cornstalks. I get them 2 for 7 bucks. Then again, I live in farm country.

    And I don't belong here either. Born and raised in the city.

  2. I know. I think us city folk are being hoodwinked down here. I have access to acres of cane grass here if I need a lot of tall grassy foliage for the haunt. It just tears up your hands.