Friday, September 5, 2014

Prop making Sneek Peek

And some pics of my nosey neighbors.

This is why I have to work with the garage door closed and sweat my ass off. Just because the garage door is up doesn't mean I want you to walk up and "chit chat" with me. Especially when I'm wearing headphones and my hands are covered with glue and you want to ask me why I do all this work for Halloween.  I really need a basement.  Or air-condition my garage.
Been going on for years and just had to vent.....


  1. These are miniatures? Part of a diorama? Nice details!

  2. Nah, actually full size props. I took the pic thru the graveyard fence I was beefing up.

  3. Oh yes, I know the nosey neighbor problem. The one next door to me likes to stand behind her bush (and thinks I don't see her) when I come out and work on something.

    I need a privacy fence.

    Props are looking good!

  4. Hah, so I'm not alone. My wife has tolerated my whining when I complain about privacy. I was just gonna go all out and where a Mr. Jones costume when I'm out working on props. Just make it weirder IMO!