Sunday, November 8, 2015

Wild Scarecrows

So a few years ago I placed two scarecrows in the "Old Man's Woods" by my house. A place where an elderly neighbor would clear paths and organize sticks and branches into sizes and shape trees with supports. Like creepy bonsai. He musta been a gardener or something. He even had a work bench and a tool rack with a cover tarp to protect his tools. Now this is not someone's private property, just a green belt between subdivisions. In other places, you'll find abandoned forts and stuff. I placed the s'crows on the outskirts of where he tended so to let him have his place and I have mine. But if you stood at the base of the trees where they were, you wouldn't notice them. You had to be out on the road to spot them. I went back today to check out the area and placed my rotting jack o' lantern if possible.

A stick pile. There are several of these 

His branch holder for cutting sticks. It's pretty nifty

Last year, these were all in a row, like a boardwalk 

Pvc pipes He placed as markers. They go around they cypress marsh in a circle

Weird tree supports

So my scarecrows were falling apart and each one lost an arm. I took them down and rebuilt them as one. Like Frankenstein. And placed the jack o'lantern on it. Between the mysterious old man and me, it's getting to be a little Mr. Jones'ey....

One Scarecrow's hand

One Scarecrow's hand with a spider web inside

From the sidewalk

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