Tuesday, August 6, 2013

tombstone painting

IMG_2050 by Willow Cove Haunt
IMG_2050, a photo by Willow Cove Haunt on Flickr.

Did some faux painting of some Michael's tombstones I bought today. Trying to get that mossy/ lichen effect.


  1. it turned out Beautifully WC!!..
    totally looks Authentically Moldy & OLD, But STILL Lovely Too!!!..<333

  2. Thanks G6, I'd think some people would say its too much but that's what I am going for. Lots of nights searching pics of ancient/abandoned cemeteries where some tombstones were so mossy-you couldn't read them anymore.

  3. That's perfect! I love that lichen covered look. The more lichen, the better :)