Thursday, June 5, 2014

More fun with Gorilla Glue

Well I got some interesting results when covered a cheap skull with Gorilla Glue:
I added Cap'n Crunch to the glue to form craters.  The puffs easily wash out when it dries.

If you don't have cereal in the house, frozen peas work too, like I did here. 

So this could be used to make a leper's skull, or a  mutant hybrid or something. I affectionately call him "Moon Man". A lunar creature so well camouflaged in its environment, he has craters on his skull.

And here's my poor attempt to make blemishes on a foam pumpkin.

This one turned out a little better. I mixed paint in with the glue before applying.


  1. This is cool. So you just rub some gorilla glue on, and spray water on it?

  2. Yeah, rub it on with a gloved finger, and spray it with water. It best to sit with it and watch it. After a few minutes , it will foam up. The more you keep spritzing
    It, the more it will foam. Then while this is happening, you can rotate the prop cause soon the glue will be as thick as honey and if held upside down, will form little stalactites or bumps. That's what I did with the resin coral. In fact, the coral props I held under the faucet but u may get drops in the sink so best to try a dunking method with a bucket outside. Don't wanna get anyone in trouble at home! ;)

  3. And don't where nice clothes when trying this. I ruined several "date night" shirts doing this.