Sunday, November 3, 2013

Goodbye Halloween

 Finally got the last of the props out of the yard today. Took longer than usual since I worked late Friday and Saturday night. Thought it was fitting to send the Gourd up in flames. It caught fire a few weeks ago any way by a votive candle. Halloween was fun. Lots of ToT's, some crazy moments too.
 As crowds started picking up, I looked over to see an older woman pick up one of my witch jar tikis and then drop it and walk away. Then later, a neighbor dressed up decided to stand in my graveyard behind a tree and scare the kids as they walked by. Really? All we could do was laugh, but when he came over to us during a lull, I politely told him it was not a good idea and he left. 
 I didn't meet a lot of my goals this year such as several new mache creatures, better lighting, and a pre-Halloween teaser video. Oh well. I liked how the witch came out ( last years zombie ), and the pumpkin creature costume. It got a lot of compliments. The new fence came out nice too, but I need more the keep out the crazy yard crashers next year.
 The video of my costume my wife took on my phone is too dark so I will reshoot some day footage of it on my digital camera. Procrastination and poor timing led me to get new tires Thursday morning. But while I sat in the tire place I was already making plans for 2014. Gonna revisit this theme again in more detail.  I also want to solve my tombstone/graveyard problems by attaching tombstones to a base with weeds and groundbreakers all together. Maybe look into solar/battery LED spotlights too so setting up is easier. I'm actually pretty motivated and ready to start trying new things.
Oh Yeah, I might let my neighbor, the yard crasher, lay in the coffin next Halloween. Then I'll lock him in it. 'Til Thanksgiving.


  1. HA! I love the burning gourd. Excellent.

  2. My neighbor walked out as it was burning, smiled as said "awesome! You should've done that Thursaday night!"

  3. heyyyy...i came over to read about your squatter, i thought you meant some homeless dude was living in your yard (philly style) hahhahaha.

    yeah, i think burning stuff up into oblivion is Always a nice touch to saying goodbye, Especially to something as Special as Halloween.

    i think i'm going to try my BEST to Really keep Halloween fueled up until it officially rolls around again, with lots of projects, picture taking, All that stuff.
    i'm going to try my hand at making a scarecrow too, for all you guys. should be interesting to see how it turns out with my version..hahahha! :)

    Ok dudes...take care & have a Great day & evening..

  4. Awe, thanks G6! Yeah totally make a scarecrow, even if its a small tabletop or mantel size to make it more manageable. I'm gonna make some that way to work out some design ideas for 2014.
    And btw, if you want the original drawing of the scare row drawing, I'll send it to ya. Seriously.

  5. It always amazes me how people lose a sense of boundries on Halloween night. We had to totally fence in our yard haunt with spooky snow fence to keep people out. Adults seem to be the biggest offenders. I do like your plan of sealing in your neighbor. Great storage idea for the new "corpse" prop.

  6. Just started following your blog, nice to see a fellow Florida Haunter blogging! Cool way to keep tack of your yearly haunting progress.
    It's not easy as solar power might be, but don't rule out LED can lights for your lighting. You can set the color you want manually or hook up a DMX controller and change the color of your lights to whatever you want. We started buying Chauvet and American DJ Par 38 can lights a little at a time since year one. this is the first year I hooked them all in to a controller and changed the colors on the fly during the night from my porch. Plus, you can strobe them all too if you desire.

  7. Thanks, Mark. Yeah, maybe I should look into that. It would be cool to be able to change lighting with a push of a button.